PID Based on a Single Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Intelligent Sensors

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J. Rivera-Mejía
A.G. Léon-Rubio
E. Arzabala-Contreras


Today control is required in any field or application. Nowadays, classic control is the most used, but it is well-known that users need to know the system’s characteristics to reach optimal control. This paper is focused on designing a proportional integral derivative control, based on a single artificial neural network with the aim to improve its performance and its use with minimal control knowledge from the end user. The proposed control was assessed with simulated and practical physical systems of first and second order. In order to increase the confidence of the intelligent sensor control, the evaluation was made using the classical test of control response of a step as input. The proposed control was implemented on an intelligent sensor with a small microcontroller. Also, the performance was compared between the proposed control and a commercial control. Here, an intelligent sensor is presented with control capability for a wide variety of physical systems. The experiments performed demonstrated the capability of the proposed control, which can be easily used and save time at the initial control set up.

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Rivera-Mejía, J., Léon-Rubio, A., & Arzabala-Contreras, E. (2012). PID Based on a Single Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Intelligent Sensors. Journal of Applied Research and Technology, 10(2).