The Journal of Applied Research and Technology (JART) is a bimonthly open access journal that publishes papers on innovative applications, development of new technologies and efficient solutions in engineering, computing and scientific research. JART publishes manuscripts describing original research, with significant results based on experimental, theoretical and numerical work.

The journal does not charge for submission, processing, publication of manuscripts or for color reproduction of photographs.

JART classifies research into the following main fields:

Material Science
Biomaterials, carbon, ceramics, composite, metals, polymers, thin films, functional materials and semiconductors.

Computer Science
Computer graphics and visualization, programming, human-computer interaction, neural networks, image processing and software engineering.

Industrial Engineering
Operations research, systems engineering, management science, complex systems and cybernetics applications and information technologies

Electronic Engineering
Solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, power electronics, electronic devices and circuits and automation.

Instrumentation engineering and science
Measurement devices (pressure, temperature, flow, voltage, frequency etc.), precision engineering, medical devices, instrumentation for education (devices and software), sensor technology, mechatronics and robotics.

Vol 17 No 1

Published: 2019-06-29

Network coding based energy efficient LEACH protocol for WSN

G. M. Tamilselvan Tamilselvan, K. Gandhimathi

Comparison of regenerated bamboo and cotton performance in warm environment

Karina Solorio Ferrales, Carlos Villa Angulo, Rafael Villa Angulo, José Ramón Villa Angulo

Bottom-up authoring of software engineering methods and practices

Miguel Ehécatl Morales Trujillo, Hanna Oktaba, Mario Piattini, Boris Escalante Ramírez

Nanocolumnar CdS thin films grown by glancing angle deposition from a sublimate vapor effusion source

L. G. Daza, R. Castro Rodríguez, M. Cirerol Carrillo, E.A. Martín Tovar, J. Méndez- Gamboa, R. Medina Esquivel, I. Perez Quintana, A. Iribarren

New acid dyes and their metal complexes: dyeing, thermal and antifungal behavior

Muhammad Ayaz, Farman Ali, Ghulam Shabir, Aamer Saeed, Niaz Ali, Nasir Abbas, Ghulam Hussain, Pervaiz Ali Channar, Muhammad Ayaz
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